August 2020 Letter Exchange

Letter Exchange in August 2020

Without a physical delegation, exchanging 125 letters between writers in the US and writers in Santa Maria Tzeja required some hurried ingenuity. And it required close collaboration between individuals who were the “electronic hubs” in each community.

Carmen Rosa. She is the director of Santa Maria Tzeja’s computer classroom facility, and one of SMT’s computer wizards. She devoted hours of time, as well as loving care it takes for a printer and scanner to do the job. All circulation in SMT was done on paper to ensure absolutely no one was excluded in this exchange.
Dave. That’s the one who prods and pesters the partnership community with “Where’s That Letter?” demands. And makes sure letters get where they got to go, and do so in the right language.
With the absence of an in-person delegation, real mail became email.

And in the final mile, letters had to be handed out or delivered on foot to remote homes across the village. The Improvement Committee of Santa Maria Tzeja took on this role.