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Updates from Partnership
August Delegation Cancelled

For the first time in the 33 years of our Partnership, a delegation from the US will not be making a semi-annual visit in August to Santa Maria Tzeja. This is due to restrictions of international travel, and concern for our good friends in the Ixcan.

The Partnership is coordinating with SMT representatives for alternative things we can do to stay in close fellowship.

An agenda has been established for meetings with community committee members by video conferencing in early August.

Diligence is being conducted to find what scale of video conferencing can work within the capacity of the village’s internet service.

February Delegation Report-Back

The report back was presented Sunday May 17th at 6:30 eastern time, over video conference. It was informative and beautifully organized. We hope to have a consolidated document with presentation contents available here soon!

Mid day meal in forest setting
Status in Santa Maria Tzeja

A central story to the coronavirus pandemic has been the stress felt by medical providers to safely identify and treat ill patients. The circumstances in rural Guatemala are considerably more tenuous. The village quickly adopted a strategy of controlled access. Be sure to read the Spring Newsletter for more about how villagers have responded.

Entry checkpoint necessitated by coronavirus
Get Involved

The Guatemala Partnership has lots of fun and fulfilling ways to help out.  We have lots going on, vibrant people to learn from, many dimensions to explore.

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Middle School Accessibility To All!

Over the years, our partnership has enabled middle school in Santa Maria Tzeja by partially funding teacher salaries for grades 7 to 9. However there are other operating costs that were met by imposing fees to each student’s family. These fees were an increasing obstacle for a number of families.

A generous grant received in 2018 led to the decision by the Partnership to subsidize 100% of the fees for every middle school student in the community without restriction. The result was that many students re-enrolled. New classroom space that was funded by the Partnership was put to immediate use to accommodate the surge in students.

The delegation of August 2019 heard a resounding endorsement of this initiative from all sectors of the village!

8th grade music class- Guitar workshop
Interested in Donating?

Would you be interested in offering a donation that goes to work immediately, sustaining and expanding the infrastructure upon which students in rural Guatemala can pursue education at all levels? WE are a non-profit that is 100% volunteer operated, working directly with our beneficiaries in Guatemala.

Partner Family Central

All letters from Feb 2020 have been distributed.   Be sure to catch up with Partnership news in the Spring newsletter:

Guatemala spring Newsletter 2020

August 2020 Mail Exchange IS in process

Thanks to all writers and translators for partaking in an expedited letter collection in the U.S. !

120 letters have been delivered to Santa Maria Tzeja’s computer facility by email, and printed there July 26. Next comes the foot work. We hope to see responses in early August.

Questions?  Dave

Family to Family Connection

The partnership between Santa Maria Tzeja and Needham includes nearly 150 letter-exchange relationships, most between a family in the village an done in the US. Some of these relationships have endured over 25 years! Each visiting delegation brings new letters to the villagers, and returns with reply letters. A network of volunteer translators bridges our language differences.

Receiving a letter in Santa Maria Tzeja