Delegation Visits to the Village

Delegation Visits to Guatemala

In February and August, a delegation from Needham visits the village of Santa Maria Tzeja.Delegations receive heart felt hospitality while staying in the village, meeting with many committees and education workers, and taking all meals at the homes of village families.The members of delegations are mostly people from Needham, MA who have become connected to the partnership by writing to the village, and meeting with former delegates.  However, people from other communities all over the US, who have engaged with this partnership in some way, have joined us as well for these remarkable trips.Each delegation begins with a full day in Guatemala City, meeting with interesting NGO’s and touring sites of cultural, historical and social interest.  Delegations also gather for an evening with students who are from our partner village and are studying or working in the   city.

A long drive to the village ensues, taking a night in the northern city of Coban.  Along the way we take in beautiful views of   countryside along the mountainous terrain.

A total of 8 hours of travel, short of any mishaps, will bring us into Santa Maria Tzeja, where a welcoming audience patiently awaits, in a land where the unexpected…. is normal.

    Contact for February Delegations:   Brenda
    Contact for August Delegations:        Alan