Computer Center

Village Computer Center

In 2007, a generous donor made it possible for the village to have its own computer teaching facility. Given the remote location of this community, access to computers had involved a treacherous journey to find an “internet cafe”. As computer use became integrated into the national curriculum requirements for middle school students, having a local teaching center with up to date personal computers, and internet access was both an ambitious challenge, and a necessity.

Microsoft Corp then donated the first computers to fill the classroom. Internet access required a satellite communication system, which was expensive to operate.

Computer instruction at the Taylor Computer Center in SMT

Ultimately other patrons have committed to support continued operation of the computer center each year, as well as equipment upgrades. Classes are offered to students beginning in 5th grade. Students in 7-9 grade are required to fulfill computer proficiency standards as set by the Education Ministry. Highly skilled instructors are employed do the teaching.

Students learn basic keyboarding and computer (Windows) navigation. They progress to learning Microsoft Office suite. By 9th grade, they are learning to do computer programming, and web building & coding.

Student learning proficiency in computer applications

In this rural rain forest setting composed of subsistence farming families, the computer center stands out as a remarkable achievement and opportunity for new generations of the village to be connected to the developed world.

Sustaining this valued resource

While the village partially supports this center by collecting fees from the students, there are bounds to what the community can afford. 75-80% of annual operating costs must come from outside the community. If you would like to be part of a network of supporters for this computer center, please let us know by getting in touch.