Sponsoring a Student

Sponsoring a student attending High School or College

Our partnership has helped make it possible for all village students to attain an education through 9th grade at manageable cost to each family.  Literacy in Santa Maria Tzeja has advanced well beyond many areas in rural Guatemala as a result.

However, to progress to a high school involves expenses well out of reach for most villagers.  While many students are highly qualified to attend high school, the resources are absent to make it possible for most.Our partnership has provided a path for a number of students through sponsorships by individual donors.

A commitment of $1,200 per year over 3 years can truly change a student’s life.  With a high school education, students will have a vocation that affords options well beyond subsistance agriculture.  Increasingly, graduates are entering the public university as well.

Sponsors are in communication with their supported students twice per year when the partnership exchanges letters with the village.

There are many wonderful ways to make a difference in the world.  This one is very personal, involves not a penny of overhead, and will allow the sponsors to know closely what a powerful impact their support has made.

I’d be interested in sponsoring a student! (Contact Partnership)