2024 Calendar of the Partnership

2024 Partnership Calendar

Many things are in flux owing to the circumstances of the world-wide corona virus outbreak. This calendar will be updated as the situations unfold.

Jan 7, 2024:     January meeting of the Partnership, church library,  7pm.  

Feb 4, 2024:     February meeting of the Partnership, church library, 11:30 am.  

Feb 13 – 24, 2024:    February Delegation* to Santa Maria Tzeja

March 3, 2024:   March meeting of the Partnership, church library, 7pm.  

April 7, 2024:   April meeting of the Partnership, 7pm Zoom Video Meeting (Bill)

April 14, 2024:   10-11am Sunday Service at UCC Needham Themed around Guatemala Partnership

May 5, 2024:     Report Back Presentation of February Delegation 7pm Zoom Video Meeting (Brenda)

June 1, 2024:   Farm-a-thon fundraiser Natick Community Farm  9am – 2pm. (Jeff)

June 2, 2024:   June meeting of the Partnership,   7PM Zoom Video Meeting (Brenda)

June 24 to July 20 Partner Family Letter Drive (U.S. writers) (Dave)

July 7, 2024:    July Pot Luck Dinnter meeting of the Partnership, 7pm (Brenda)

July 30 to Aug 10:   August Delegation to Santa Maria Tzeja  Contact: Bill

Sept 8, 2024:    September meeting of the partnership,  7pm Zoom Video Meeting (Alan)

Sept 14, 2024 Guatemala Yard Sale, Congregational Church of Needham 9-2 pm (Brenda)

Oct 6, 2024:    October meeting of the partnership, 7pm Zoom Video Meeting  Alan

Nov 3, 2024:    November meeting of the partnership 7pm Zoom Video Meeting Alan

Dec 1, 2024:   December meeting of the partnership, 7pm Zoom Video Meeting  Alan

Dec TBA : Annual Posada Party