Affiliates and Friends

The Congregational Church of Needham is the “home base” of the Guatemala Partnership, established in 1987.  It is a church with a rich history of engagement, outreach and activism.

Partners for Guatemala Education (PGE) is a 501c3 non-profit internationally focused for the purpose of promoting education for young students in Guatemala. It was founded by people with close ties to the Guatemala Partnership. However it has secular standing and offers a path to make tax deductible donations to benefit students at many levels in Guatemala.

NISGUA is a Non Government Organization that is attuned to social justice issues in Guatemala. One highly recognized endeavor of this group it their support and accompaniment for people who were directly affected by, or witnesses of attacks on civilians during the civil conflict of the 1980s and 1990s.  Other social causes include exploitation of resources that will impact communities in detrimental ways.

AESMAC is an organization of educated professionals with origins in the village of Santa Maria Tzeja and other rural communities in Guatemala. (The site at this link is in Spanish)

Mining is an industry that is expanding into rural Central America where environmental impact, as well as the affect it has on nearby communities, is given far less consideration than it should.