Raising funds

The Guatemala Partnership is financially supported in several ways

(1) Outreach commitments from the Congregational Church of Needham, MA. These vary each year and are typically used to support education costs in Santa Maria Tzeja, such as teacher salaries in its middle school.

(2) Organized fund raising events conducted by the Partnership ministry team. Traditionally, these events have included a large annual yard sale, benefit concerts and performances, a “serve-a-thon” of sponsored workers, and working at the town recycle center. See photos below!

(3) Designated endowment income managed by the Congregational Church of Needham provide annual income that is applied subsidize education expenses in Santa Maria Tzeja, and in particular, salaries for educators.

(4) Focused donors who are passionate people providing donations to substantially benefit education and infrastructure in our partner village. Examples are funding a classroom construction, supporting operation of the village’s computer classroom, providing scholarships that make a high school education accessible to qualified students, or subsidizing middle school enrollment fees that would burden families and cause student attrition otherwise. Prospective donors interested in supporting education causes can give directly through the Partnership’s affiliate PGE (see Affiliates page).

Huge Benefit Yard Sale

Massive yard sale with all items donated

Benefit concert and Silent Auction

Marimba band performance

Serve-a-thon Sponsored workforce

Workers at the community garden facility, which grows produce for the local food pantry

Working the town recycle center

Can and bottle recycling at the community recycle center