Remembering Kay Taylor

Remembering Kay Taylor

1936 – 2022

Cheerful Kay… pauses on a road in rural Guatemala

Kay Taylor and her husband Clark were the social innovators who founded the Guatemala Partnership, a union of communities between Santa Maria Tzeja and Needham Massachusetts (specifically its Congregational church). Kay proceeded to organize and lead annual delegations in the immersive experience of visiting Santa Maria Tzeja. Traveling delegates would get to know many village citizens, sharing with one another their culture and values. She widened participation in the project by establishing a partner family letter exchange program that connected families on a personal level from each community.

No single web page can encompass the scope of Kay’s accomplishments, or the breadth of lives she positively impacted. Herein, we humbly share a few memorable snap shots taken during 30 years of her activism within the Guatemala Partnership project.

All who knew her would be quick to cite the fulfillment she brought to their own life and perspectives. No words can describe how much Kay is missed!

This page will post information about a public memorial event as it becomes available.

Kay and Clark surrounded by devoted participants in the Partnership (2010)
Both Kay and Clark led an early delegation to Santa Maria Tzeja, Guatemala (1988)
Leading a meeting with a group of widows living in the village (2002)
Handing out letters written by families from the US to their partner family in the village
Always ready to make a new friend in her many trips to Guatemala!
Or a bunch of new friends!
Opening a new health center for the village
Receiving the Haystack Award of the United Church of Christ
Being recognized for the profound contribution to church mission, UCC Needham 2017
Organizing Spanish translations for over 100 partner family letters (2005)
Final visit to Guatemala (with Clark) 2017
Inspiring the volunteers at the annual Partnership benefit yard sale (2010)
Going wild at the Partnership’s 30th anniversary celebration party

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