Widening the reach of the Partnership

Basico Grounds

Photo:  In 2016, the village retro-fitted several buildings to be class space for the middle school.  The central location is highly desirable, but the land itself poses challenges, while clear title is still yet to be established.  Re-grading the land and erecting class modules will come at high cost.


The logistics of constructing a first rank school for this age group are daunting and the costs are clearly beyond reach of local means.   Aware of this, and aware that the channel for donations from our home base of the Congregational Church of Needham MA is purposed to many wider causes of the village, the Partnership plans to incorporate under a 501c(3) non-profit identity.  This endeavor will enable a wherewithal to support a large capital project that encompasses participation from prospective donors who may be unaffiliated with our church, but are highly sympathetic with the benefits of advancing educational opportunity in under-served developing world locales.

The operation of the Partnership continues to be the ministry team at the Congregational Church who sustains the vibrancy of the project, and seeks to ever expand the social integration of the church community into this relationship with a distant community of a remarkable indigenous culture.




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