Partner Family Central


We are a community of families that bridge international boundaries as well as divergent ethnic and cultural traditions, by correspondence.

In our writing to one another twice each year, we learn of the accomplishments, the struggles, the meaning of family, and the perspectives that comer from each writer’s environment and heritage.   Over time, we come to know and understand one another.  In many cases, we plan for the day we can meet in person!

There are over 300 families partaking in this partnership.  Half of us live in the rain forested village of Santa Maria Tzeja, locate din the Ixcan region of Guatemala.   And half of us live somewhere in the United States, with many of us concentrated in Needham, MA.

The partnership was founded in 1987.  It is based at the Congregational Church of Needham, Needham, MA.

Here’s the place to get caught up with the news of the partnership, or perhaps pick up and idea or tow to incorporated in a letter your will soon be sending.

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