About Us

The Guatemala Partnership is a collaboration between the Congregational Church of Needham, Needham, Massachusetts, United States, and the village of Santa María Tzejá, Ixcán, El Quiché, Guatemala

Our Mission

Witnessing for social justice in the village, Guatemala and around the world.

Offering financial support for community-wide education and development programs.

Encouraging one-on-one relationships between members of the village and members of the Needham and greater Boston communities.

Our Leadership

The Partnership Committee is led by 4 highly energetic and creative individuals:

 Brenda Metzler   (Contact me)

Caryl Johnson   (Contact me)

 Bill Garrett   (Contact me)

Allen Clayton-Matthews   (Contact me)

Other contacts for the Guatemala Partnership
 The Partner Family Letter project:

Dave Johnson  (Contact me)

 Website Managers:

  Megan & Dave  (Contact us)

Partnership home base

The Congregational Church of Needham
1154 Great Plain Avenue, Needham, MA 02492
(781) 444-2510


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