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Whale of a Sale!

Yard Sale fund raiser another huge success

Thanks to the many thoughtful people who contributed their energy and donated sale items to make the 2018 yard sale another big moment in our annual fundraising.


Get Involved

The Guatemala Partnership has lots of fun and fulfilling ways to help out.  We have lots going on, vibrant people to learn from, many dimensions to explore.

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Planning Ahead in 2017/2018

For years, the partnership has considered ways it can help with substantially ambitious initiatives of our partner village.  One long held ambition is to develop property and erect a school for grades 7 to 9.  For years, this age group has had to share a building with the primary school.  The village vision is that each and every student is entitled to education through 9th grade that positions them to be academically fit for attending a high school should they have the good fortune to do so.a

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Insightful NEWS directly from Santa Maria Tzeja.  Read the latest news from the village by Juana Perez, who is the wife of Randall Shea.

Update from Santa María Tzejá Feb 2018

Partner Family Central

All letters from Feb 2018 have been distributed

Spring 2018 Partnership Newsletter

The August 2018 mail drive coming soon.  Questions?  Dave .

Village updates and ideas



The partnership between Santa Maria Tzeja and Needham includes nearly 150 letter-exchange relationships, most between a family in the village and one in the US.   Some of these relationships have endured over 25 years.   Each visiting delegation brings new letters to the villagers, and returns with reply letters.  A network of volunteer translators ensures that all thoughts are accurately interpreted.

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