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benefit yard sale Held september 18th

The Guatemala Partnership held its 30th Annual Yard Sale fundraiser on Saturday, September 18th. For the first time, it took place on the Needham Congregational Church’s front lawn. A huge selection of donated items were offered and sold to a community of shoppers. Proceeds from the sale will benefit the cause of educating young people in our partner village.

Shoppers peruse the many offerings at the return of the Annual Yard Sale fundraiser.

The Partnership extends its heartfelt gratitude to the many volunteers who lent a hand, processing the donated inventory facilitating the yard sale itself!

august 2021 delegation to be virtual once again.

With the COVID pandemic still raging across much of the undeveloped world, an in-person August 2021 delegation to Guatemala remains unfeasible. The wide outbreak of COVID this past May has returned the village into high confinement, with schools closed and gatherings very restricted.

In mid July, a U.S. donation that will provide 1.5 million doses of Moderna 2-stage vaccine made its way into rural Guatemalan communities. 184 village citizens across all ages received a first dose. Video meetings with leadership groups in the village will be deferred until September when the vaccination effort has completed.


In May, the Needham Cable channel produced and aired a documentary about the lives of Clark and Kay Taylor, who in 1987, founded the Guatemala Partnership. The full documentary can be watched by following the link “Kay and Clark: Because They Said Yes“. It is must watching for those who wish to know more about the beginnings of the Taylor’s personal relationship, and about the trans-national community relationship they lovingly forged!


February 2021 Delegation Report-Back on zoom

A presentation was given by the virtual delegation to Santa Maria Tzeja on April 18th, featuring a wonderful review of the past 34 years of partnership. A condensed printable version of this presentation is now available:

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Getting Involved

For more than 30 years, the Guatemala Partnership has provided opportunity to countless people seeking to broaden appreciation of the world beyond their own borders. It is by direct experience and personal interactions that deep understanding is best achieved. With its established relationship to a remote developing world village, the Partnership offers many levels of rewarding engagement.

Ways to be involved

in a pandemic… the virtual delegation experience

A 34-year string of twice a year visits to Santa Maria Tzeja has been interrupted by the world wide coronavirus pandemic. However, losing touch with our partner village is not an option! We have exchanged letters with support of the village computer classroom. And we’ve had meetings with village committees. It is clear we will miss at least1 3 successive in-person delegations while the world comes to grips with the most far reaching pandemic in history.

Look in on the experience of a virtual delegation!

Family Network

The partnership between Santa Maria Tzeja and Needham includes nearly 120 letter-exchange relationships, most between a family in the village and one in the US. Some of these relationships have endured over 25 years! Each visiting delegation brings new letters to the villagers, and returns with reply letters. A network of volunteer translators facilitates the semi-annual correspondences.

Receiving a letter in Santa Maria Tzeja
august letter exchange underway

Once again, the August exchange is being conducted electronically

125 letters were collected, translated to Spanish, and transmitted to our partner village’s computer center by July 25th. Replies came back Aug 7th. They have been translated and mailed to US writers.

Regretfully many village families were unable to provide a reply this August.

Spring newsletter 2021